Beautiful Jayna: How quickly things change and how fragile life is

This particular blog entry is going to be a little different from all the rest, due to the circumstances that occured this past week.

For those of you in the DC metro area, this may be a repeat of some sorts but for those of you who are not locals to my area, we had a tragedy occur last Friday that really affected so many of us. Last Friday evening, two young women (30 and 27) were both sexually assaulted and one murdered inside the Bethesda Lululemon store. It appears that it was a “random” act and the 30 year old who was murdered happened to be a friend of mine- a fellow graduate student at Johns Hopkins. The sheer brutality of these events and the randomness of the whole thing has left so many of us in such shock…such disarray.

I questioned whether to blog about this but I have spent countless hours google-ing dear Jayna to try and make sense of this all; reading so many articles to try and piece this all together. While it may not be the same, I decided that it is still appropriate.

Losing someone is never acceptable or understandable

I don’t know if Death is ever really acceptable. One might argue that if you are 80+ years old and die a peaceful death in your sleep than maybe…just maybe THEN it would be acceptable or at least understandable. But a young person? Someone who had their whole life a head of them? That is not forgiveable and their life is not forgetable. Not matter how they die…whether it be a death by cancer or some other horrible, unspeakable act that took their life. Typically, BRCA takes too many young people away. Cancer in general takes too many lives. Now, maybe I live a priviledged life and maybe violence takes too many young people too…but not in my world…or at least it shouldn’t.

To Jayna, her family and her loved ones

I feel so blessed to have met Jayna and have been touched by both her grace and her spirit. May you all find peace and stength in her memory.

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