Holy shit! One week and counting…

7days and counting

Wow. So all this boob talk is really about to come to an
end…hopefully. I spoke to a friend earlier this evening and she asked me if I thought I would still worry at all after this surgery. My simply reply was “no. This door will close.” I can not explain to you how excited and relieved I am that my surgery is finally only a week away. Holy shit! It’s really only one week away!
Honestly, I do feel really good about it. The only time I feel nervous is when someone ASKS if I’m nervous. It also seems like every grandmother-ish aged
person I know feels the need to tell me about their friend who had a
complication (that doesn’t help either). Other than that….I’m doing fabulous. I know I am in such good hands and what helps is talking about how young and healthy I am and how perky my new boobs are going to look =)

Finals appointments with my docs

I had my finals appointments with my plastic surgeon and breast surgeon a couple weeks ago. I was actually running late for work so I just met with the NP in Dr. Spears’ office. Ironically when they opened my folder there I was, naked boob photo and all lol…totally not artistic or anything and just not something I expected to see. They took these photos when I had seen Dr. Spear the first time and will take them right before and after my surgery. I guess I never have seen raw photos of my breasts and of course these are not artistic photos or anything…and certainly not good lighting…wow what a RUDE awakening of what the girls look like. …I left there thinking to myself that they really look tiny in print and while I have chosen my
size, (and am finally happy and content with it) I probably could have gone bigger tehehehe. Maybe on the next go-around.

Dr’sWilley’s appointment was a little more intense. I send a lot of time with her assistant as well. They went through what the whole day would would like like for me from check in to discharge which was nice. They also asked me to participate in some studies and walked through the surgery again.

I cannot explain to you how excited I am that I am doing the one step surgery. I will have zero
scaring on my nipple and only have scaring underneath my breast which is so minimal and virtually will only be seen my me (and maybe my hubby). No S crap or anything that you hear about from the women doing the expanders…everything is done underneath the skin which is esthetically the most pleasing which is just awesome. I am so thankful Dr. Spear and Willey agreed to do this particular surgery for me and that I was the ideal candidate.

Oh work…oh glory day

I finally asked for the time off of work. Whoohooo. You might be saying to yourself that I am crazy but I really did put this off until the last moment possible. Actually, I just did this this past
friday so now I feel pretty ready for is all to go down. I still haven’t told them why I took so much time off before the holidays but they didn’t ask since it is my vacation time and I didn’t feel the need to tell them why, so….I didn’t.

People keep asking me why I am not doing short-term disability….or why I haven’t come right out and told my company about the surgery since I am so open about BRCA and about the PBM in general. I guess I can’t really explain it but when it comes to being a young woman and trying to move up in my career, I don’t really want to let anything stand in my way. I have the vacation time and feel that I should use it and only place on doing short-term disability if there are complications (ie. when I dont have vacation time anymore) and if I am asked WHY I am taking time I most certainly will explain it but just don’t feel the need to go out of my way to tell anyone. Secretive? No…just not giving out unsolicited information.

Gearing up for the big day. My list of to-dos:

I am a check-list type of person and right now I feel like most of my things are either holidays related or work related. Since my surgery will make me homebound for Christmas I feel like I am making my husband do 110 things for christmas this year…or at least I have 110 things I WANT to do for Christmas this year. I want to go to see the tree in front of the white house. It’s kind of a tradition but I wanted to add getting drinks at the williard and/ice skating in the park. I have my heart set on going to zoolights and also going to the botanical gardens for the train exhibit.

In terms of work stuff…well, you can imagine I have too much to do.

For the surgery, I had/have some fun things going on. This Sunday I have my BOOB-TASTIC BRUNCH! I am very lucky to have a wonderful group of friends that want to celebrate my tits with a proper sendoff and organizing an actual party was just too stressful so we are doing a brunch. I also had a sexy booby photo shoot this past weekend and I have to say, I have never felt so beautiful in my entire life. So, I think I am doing all the things necessary to say goodbye to the girls with honor.

I have also been busy signing waivers as I am donating my non-cancerous tissue for research, buying juicy velour zipup sweatsuits so i look cute when I leave the hospital and have zip-up things to wear for 3+ weeks and still need to buy lots of pillows (so I hear). All in all, I still have a lot to do….but I feel the love and support pouring in from all directions and feel so loved and thankful for everyone in my life.

I cannot believe this day has almost arrived. Thank you all for your continued support and for your kind words. I will post one more blog prior to my surgery (on my boobtastic brunch and day with the regetis) and then have chad update everyone post surgery)




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2 responses to “Holy shit! One week and counting…

  1. Good luck! You are going to do awesome. Can’t wait to welcome you to the other side of the rainbow!

  2. Have been thinking about you. Hope it all goes perfectly and that you heal quickly.


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