Why can’t we get a break

Yet again:

On the verge of my own surgery, my father went under the knife this past week:

“Why the #@!% can’t our family get a break”- a close family member said

My fathers surgery was to remove a tumor. He was diagnosed just several weeks ago with cancer. Still in a bit of shock because it is heart disease that runs on that side of the family, not cancer, I just honestly never thought I would have to hear those words again…that another parent of mine has cancer.
While dads surgery went well and he is finally coming home from the hospital today, what will happen in the next several months, or years, are still unknown but we are VERY positive. However, what this means for my family and for my own health…I will just have to take one step at a time.
Confirming my decision:

My surgery in just 8 weeks away and while I am still thrilled about my decision, I am getting nervous and even had thoughts of postponing until “a better time.” It’s funny, there is no perfect time to take off work and have this type of surgery, but selfishly, I could NOT imagine waiting another year…and talking about all of this for another year. However, the thoughts were in my mind.
But after all of the things going on with my family, this only confirms my decision even more. My husband even said:
“For anyone who didn’t understand or appreciate your decision, this validates it that much more”
Still the fear:

The cancer that runs in my family seems to be relentless, now on both sides. I can only do so much to prevent myself from ever actually carrying this awful disease myself but what is so scary is that I only have the ability to do so much. I try to push out of my mind that I could go through all of these surgeries and still be diagnosed with this disease…but nothing is guaranteed.

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One response to “Why can’t we get a break

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this news. 😦

    As for your last sentence, I do the same thing, especially when I hear of yet another BRCA+ friend being diagnosed with cancer. I can say though, that as many people as I know with the BRCA mutation, I can’t think of any right off that got breast or ovarian cancer AFTER having prophylactic surgery (as long as it was done prior to getting cancer), so that does relieve my mind some..

    Best of luck to your dad, and to you too.


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