Alphabet Soup


We’ve already established that I have small breasts. I’m not ashamed. It’s just a fact now. I’ve also come to learn that MOST women, at some time in their lives have worn the wrong bra size…in my case, I have literally gone through what I feel like is Allison version of Alphabet Soup for Boobs. Any-hoo…It has NEVER come to my realization that I am an A-cup, small B, but not an A, until good ‘ole Dr. Spear basically diagnosed with small breasts lol.

Again, never thought I was an A…just a very small B and I get a lovely letter in the mail for Dr. Spear’s and it reads:

“On examination, you have small breasts, probably A-cup….”

My husband has a hoot with this because I maybe read it out loud like 100 times and walked around the house saying, “seriously? Wait, what?” He even put it up on Facebook that I was “diagnosed” with small boobs. (You should have seen those comments).  But then of course I started to freak out, partly in a joking fashioning but then in a much more seriously way. I told Dr. Spear I was a small B and that I wanted to be maybe be a full B or would possibly consider even a small C. Well, this all changes if I am not a B and am actually an A cup. I don’t want to look like a crazy person, I just wanted to go up like 1/2 a cup size.

Seriously, the hours after receiving this letter were very tormenting to me. I need to go back and speak to Dr. Spear and make sure I don’t come out of surgery looking like some type of prostitute with big tata’s. Ah, another new fear to think about. =*(


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  1. julie

    Love this post. I went in for my consulations thinking I was an A and found out I was a small B. So, I had originally said I’d like to be a small to medium B. And now maybe I want to be a full B or small C.
    My surgery is September 15th…uhhh…I should call them.

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