Sometimes you just have to laugh at all of this madness

My phone conversation with Washington Radiology

Let me just preface this blog post with the fact that I hate my period and I apologize for writing a blog post about a menstrual cycle.

But again, I hate my period and I learned a long time ago that us women don’t really need to get it every month so I choose to skip mine and only have it every other month. Well, today, I learned that this is a problem when wanting to schedule a breast MRI and the nice woman at Washington Radiology found me quite amusing along with my husband when I called today to schedule my yearly breast MRI. At least it was good morning entertainment for everyone.

So I am already a month or so overdue for my yearly breast MRI and 6 month pelvic ultrasound and waiting for the cab for our vacation to Florida I decided it was a good time to call Washington Radiology to schedule my appointments. Little did I know that it would turn into a comical event. The woman was extremely nice on the phone but asked several questions about my menstrual cycle. Being that I just finished my cycle a couple days ago she wanted to me to come in in a couple days. I said that was impossible since I will be in Florida so she said it would need to be next month.

Now, I am already late for my breast MRI so I don’t really like the idea of having to wait another month but what can you do. She also didn’t really stress WHY I have to wait until the end of June so we went around and around as to why I couldn’t have the MRI when I came back and then I said, “so just to clarify, I was suppose to skip my period next month … so that mean I HAVE to get my period in June, correct?” Chad was about to die with laughter that I thought he was about to cry. The woman then tried to move my appointment to late July and I just about had a fit and said I could NOT move my appointment to July and would be sure to have my period in June but was not happy about it. =) Than she almost died laughing.

So, according to the little research I did after this amusing phone call, there is very little preparation required for a Breast MRI accept that the timing of the study should be closely linked to the menstrual cycle for women who are premenopausal. The best time to perform a Breast MRI is between days 6 and 12 of your menstrual cycle (day one is the day that your period arrives). For patients who are postmenopausal, the examination can be performed at any time.

So I have had an breast MRI before and I don’t recall them asking me about my period, or maybe I just made it up because I am not really that regular but I just had to write about this because all I wanted to do was schedule the damn thing and be on my way. Oh the things that we BRCA people go through with. Sometimes you just have to laugh at all the madness and be done with it =)


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One response to “Sometimes you just have to laugh at all of this madness

  1. Amy Schmitt

    I am laughing out loud thinking about you having this conversation with the nurse!!!

    I’m also quite impressed with your scheduling on all these appointments…..I’m realizing that I need to get on the ball myself.

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